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Maxie here is an eccentric multimillionaire and owner of Zeus Industries, who is obsessed with Greek mythology, and runs for mayor against Marion Grange. In that episode, Maxie Zeus rode in his airship New Olympus in order to make Gotham City his kingdom after losing his election against Grange.

Maxie Zeus warred with Batman for a time, but eventually decided to end the feud by moving his operations to the west coast. (Batman and the Outsiders #14, 15) - Maxie Zeus formed the New Olympians, and attempted to take Olympic athlete Lacinia Nitocris as his bride.

Religion of Maxie Zeus (Maximillian Zeus) (Greco-Roman Classical Religion) of the group: New Olympians (leader)

História:Maxie Zeus é um dos mais respeitados líderes de gangues em Gotham City , combinando uma mente organizacional brilhante com a monomania única que ele é realmente a encarnação do deus grego Zeus.

Maxie, a slightly built, almost mild man, was a history teacher and a married man. Somehow, he lost both his wife and his sanity, becoming convinced he's the mortal incarnation of the god Zeus. He became a crimelord, and showed surprising cunning and intelligence in his rise to power amidst the chaos in Gotham's underworld.

Kolejna postać, którą uratował dla mnie serial animowany. Maxie z komiksu, znów skopany Breyfoglowską ręką był po prostu żałosnym dupkiem w todze.

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la noche del murciÉlago 75: maxie zeus (parte del capÍtulo mondo batman) maxie zeus ...

Maxie Zeus. Gotham City: Hall of Mirrors by Scott Summers. Batman created the Rogue’s Gallery by virtue of his very existence, they say: If Batman didn’t exist, ...

Maximillian "Maxie" Zeus fue originalmente un profesor de historia y un hombre felizmente casado, pero tras circunstancias no reveladas perdió a su esposa y se ...

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Maxie Zeus

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the themysciran goblet which maxie refers to as the zeusian goblet is indeed in his hands maxie zeus is portrayed far more insane than in earlier stories

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